Course Standards

Recommended Attire

We at Northville Hills strive for an ambiance that honors the traditions and etiquette of the game of golf and respects the prestige of our Arnold Palmer Signature Golf Course. Proper golf attire reflects the esteem of our great facility and shows respect to your fellow golfers.

Please abide by the following standards as you prepare for your round at Northville Hills Golf Club. Our standards of dress for the golf course are as follows:

  • Collared shirts are required.
  • Dress slacks or shorts are recommended. Denim is allowed in the clubhouse only.
  • Ladies may wear golf skirts/skorts..
  • No torn or frayed clothing.
  • Clothing with offensive language or symbols will not be tolerated.

Northville Hills Golf Club reserves the right to restrict golfers from playing on the course if they do not meet the requirements. Thank you for your cooperation and we  appreciate your respect for the club, our guests, and the game of golf.

Pace of Play

Pace of play is important to having a good experience at Northville Hills. You can expect a round of golf (18 holes) at Northville Hills to be played in 4 hours and 30 minutes. For you to meet the expected pace of play, it is the responsibility of both you and the golfers playing around you. It is often a combination of many small things that aid in making for an enjoyable pace of play. Pace of play isn't about rushing. it is about being ready to play when it is your turn and moving around the course efficiently.

  • Choose the appropriate set of tees for your skill level
  • Proceed directly to your own ball. Do not travel as a pack or move from one ball to another within your group
  • Prepare for your next shot en route to the shot. Find yardage as your approach your next shot
  • When riding in a cart, drop each player at their ball and regroup in common ground. Avoid backtracking when possible
  • Bring multiple clubs with you to your shot when uncertain
  • When in doubt about an errant shot, declare and hit a provisional ball 
  • Golf first, socialize second
  • Leave bags and carts between the current green and the next tee
  • Record scores on the next tee box.
  • Consider "ready golf" in stead of playing in the order of play to catch up.

We take pace of play very seriously and have rangers on the course to assist. You should never be more than one full hole behind the tee time before you.

We believe golf is a game best enjoyed socially. We encourage you to find a full foursome. It helps make the game social and will help with your pace of play within the flow of the other golfers on our course. Singles and twosomes will be paired.